The strange micro-biome that is your mouth

Let’s start by saying that I am not a dentist and I will never profess to understand the deep complexities of the environment that seems as alien to me as the planet Jupiter – the environment that exists in your mouth.  Still, I do like to experiment albeit mostly on myself.  So in this post […]



FREE Webinar: Self-Care for Caregivers

According to statistics compiled by the Family Caregiver Alliance, nearly 30% of the American adult population is providing unpaid care to a family member who is ill, disabled or aged.  That’s about 66 million people.  This trend is only predicted to continue as the number of people aged 65 and over will more than double […]

Double-Yoke Egg Trouble

In the past week, I have seen posts on Facebook and Twitter from two family members in different households post pictures of double-yolk eggs.  One of them opened two double-yolked eggs in succession and just this morning cooked up another three of four eggs with double yolks, all from the same carton.  This led me […]

two double yolk eggs

Bicycle built for two

Biking to work

For many of us, exercise is something that we do as a separate part of our lives.  We schedule time in our day or week to: go to the gym; join a hiking outing; or play a team sport.  All of this physical activity is great stuff and I believe that if this is how […]

What’s Wrong With Gluten? 4

I am amazed by the surge in rejection of gluten.  Every food retailer and manufacturer is on the bandwagon promoting gluten-free products.  Even products that never had any gluten are suddenly “gluten-free”.  I believe that part of this hysteria is the result of people not truly understanding what gluten is.  They have only heard is […]

wheat with breads, pies, cakes and cookies

hands applying lotion

The Best Skin Moisturizer

Many people assume that because I am a massage therapist and use  lotions and oils in my work, that my hands are always soft and smooth.  Nothing could be farther from the truth and here’s why. First, these same people overlook the fact that just as often I am washing my hands with warm water […]

The Best Wake-Up Color

Most people passed Jay off as a looney.  Sure he was eclectic as most artists are, but there was one habit he had that even I had trouble understanding.  Jay would take daily light baths, where he would sit in different colored lights specific to different times of the day.  Sure I knew all about […]

woman sitting with towel and lotions

What Does it Mean to Have Healthy Skin?

I find that quality skin care information is scarce.  Much of the information that is available can be misleading, because I find it to be tainted by people and companies selling “skin care” products.  Add the fear mongering about skin cancers and it is easy to believe that our skin is unable to maintain health […]

Daily Gratitude

On New Year’s Day I saw this video: What a great idea!  Use photographs to recognize your gratitude for something or someone in your life.  There are good health related reasons to do this. Attitude is everything.  It determines how we relate to other people, events and places that we experience.   Vast research has demonstrated […]


apple with nutrition label

Pectin, Gelatin, What’s the Difference?

In coaching my clients, I am always emphasizing the importance of reading the list of ingredients and disregarding the marketing hype on the front of the package of any processed food.  This is an important practice for ensuring eating the highest quality food, as long as you understand what each of those ingredients are.  As […]